Ethereal Scents


Ethereal Scents all started when I personally discovered the benefits of aromatherapy. I discovered that certain scents and botanicals created different emotions and feelings when inhaled or applied topically.

I personally have a stressful job (and a couple of side hustles, my dog, my partner and a social life!) and using myself as a guinea pig, alongside the extensive amount of research and experimentation I have done, I have created a range of core blends of oils to compliment daily life.

All the blends are available in various forms depending on your taste! Candles, Wax Melts, Atomiser Sprays, Bath Salts… the list goes on!

All products are hand poured, hand blended or handmade from 100% natural, vegan and sustainable ingredients and packaged in recyclable or reusable materials.

I also handcraft various items to help you on your aromatherapy journey! From tea light and incense holders to essential oil diffusers and more! Again, all made from natural or reclaimed materials!