Cadas, is a county-wide alcohol and drug advisory service. Our aim is to promote harm reduction and support problematic substance use across all ages and geographical areas of Cumbria. We support anyone who feels their substance use is problematic, we do not require people to be abstinent but we do focus on the reduction of harm to themselves or others. Often we help people uncover the reasons for their substance use and help them find other coping strategies or improve their mental health.

When someone has a drug or alcohol addiction, it affects their whole family – especially if they are a parent and have young children, it then becomes a child protection issue. Cadas has a family support service that offers a range of activities to suit all ages and is available to the local community – from individual talking therapies to wellbeing sessions such as mindfulness and tai chi and we run volunteer led peer support groups so that people support one another.

Our family clients are often very stressed or anxious so we find we help them a lot with their own mental health so that they can continue to care, keep their job or get some respite. Families are essential “recovery capital” for the person with the problem and it is important to look after them as they will make a massive difference in the success or failure of their loved one’s recovery.

At Yoga Day:

Pop along to the Cadas stand for facepainting games and competitions!